Purple Cream marijuana strain is an Indica marijuana hybrid.

 The breeders of this kush remain unknown.

buds are extremely sticky to the touch due to strong resin production and trichome coverage.

Purple Cream marijuana delights with delicious fruity flavor and a floral aroma.

Purple Cream marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria, improves mood and focus.

Relieves stress, PTSD and anxiety.

Followed by deep sedation and sleep.

Promotes appetite, helps with pain.

In larger doses may trigger paranoia & dizziness.

We do not know much about where the Purple Cream came from.

Not only is the original breeder unknown,

but even its genetic lineage is also unclear.

                                    FLOWERING TIME INDOORS

10 weeks

                                FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS

     Early to Mid October

                                                         PLANT HEIGHT


                                                      THC CONTENT %


                                                                      CBD %


                                                    INDICA / SATIVA %


                                                        INDOOR YIELD

10-14oz/ m2

                                                    OUTDOOR YIELD

14-16oz/ plant


Dry outdoor climate

                                                    GROWTH LEVEL

     Some grow exp. needed

Purple Cream Kush

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