Blue Funk (aka Blue Cheese) (Blueberry x Cheese)

A great marijuana strain that owes its origins to multiple recrossing of Cheese and Blueberry genetics. We took both strains and crossed each with autoflowering genetics to achieve plants while managing to preserve almost totally intact the taste and smell of the originals. These were then re-crossed to achieve our Blue Cheese Auto, which is a much bigger and more productive plant than first generation autos that retains the properties of its non-auto parents. In northern climates, this is an excellent option for early summer harvests while in a Mediterranean climate, two or even three crops a season are possible.

Flower Time from seed: 70-80 days
Yield: 400-500g/ m2, if outdr: 70-100g p/plant
THC: 18%
Taste: fruity, cheese
Effect: euphoric, relaxing at the end

Blue Funk (aka Blue Cheese) (Blueberry x Cheese) - EXPERTSEEDS