Blue Kush Auto (Blueberry auto x OG Kush auto) - DINAFEM

The result is an intensely fruity automatic strain that proudly displays the traits of its feminized predecessor. Grows in harsh climates and produces extraordinary, vigorous, easy-to-grow cannabis plants which reach a medium size, flower fast and yield delicious buds brimming with resin. Delicate, sweet and fruity, this strain is a treat for the senses.

Blue Kush Autoflowering has an intense flavour and aroma, with notes of fresh fruit and oil. Its strong and long-lasting effect offers a good physical and cerebral balance, perfect to wind down on your own or with friends.

Indica 50%/Sativa 50%
Flower Time: 75 days
Yield: 350-400 gr/m2, if oudr: 50-170 gr/pp
Height: up to150 cms
THC: high, CBD: low


Blue Kush Auto (Blueberry auto x OG Kush auto) - DINAFEM