Caramella (Deimos x Cream Caramel Auto)


Caramella Auto is the result of crossing Deimos with Cream Caramel Auto; two of the best and most well-known automatics on the market. Caramella Auto is a 3rd generation automatic that offers better quality, higher yields and more, higher quality resin than previous generations. Flowers very quickly and produces a pleasant and relaxing effect, making it appropriate for medicinal use owing to its high levels of CBD. In northern climes, this is an excellent option for early summer harvests while in a Mediterranean climate, two or even three crops a season are possible.

Flower Time from seed: 60 days
Yield: 400-500g/ m2, if outdr: 45-90 p/plant
THC: 18%

Caramella (Deimos x Cream Caramel Auto) - EXPERTSEEDS